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By: Vanesa Rivera
Specialist in Lower Arts.
Author of "How to Straighten the Legs"
Written: Sunday 10 March 2019


If you are reading this text it is only because you are in the group of people who want to solve this unpleasant and unhealthy curvature that your legs have and so far you have not been able to solve the problem.

I know how you feel, because I too have suffered the consequences of having legs out of the ordinary. Perhaps you can identify yourself with any of the situations I've experienced for many years of my life ...

  • I felt very ashamed to be the center of all eyes (even jokes) in almost all the places where I presented myself ...
  • I "disguised myself", using a large amount of clothing in an attempt to hide leg imperfections, wearing baggy pants and old-fashioned clothes ...
  • I avoided any kind of social event and when I was forced to participate I tried to stay seated all the time ...
  • I have avoided contacts with people of the opposite sex and also with people who were interested in me for fear of finding myself in a shameful intimate situation ...
  • Over the years I have observed myself in the mirror, seeing myself horrible with my crooked legs , I even felt the envy of other women ...
  • I spent hundreds and even thousands of euros on treatments and systems that never gave me results ...
  • And so many other situations that have come to destroy my self-esteem and made me enter a world of depression and tears.

But today I have some good news to give you.

Because, if you identify yourself with any of the above points, what there is to read on this website may be the most important thing you have read in your whole life.

The amount of people who suffer from this problem is bigger than you can imagine and today I want to bring you peace of mind since your situation can be reversed.

The time has come to say goodbye to the problem of crooked legs!

Want to know how to solve the problem? I'll let you know the road step by step , you just have to pay attention to me during the next 3 minutes.

I Can Help You Correct the Legs in a Natural, Simple and Painless Way!

Let me tell you a few words about the pathology that is causing you all these problems ...

Surely you will already know it, but the ideal legs must be similar to this image. Where - if the legs are stretched - (without curvature), the knees and ankles touch when the person stands up.

The straight and healthy legs have a well-defined shape: between the foot and the ankle, above the ankle, below the knee, and above the knee in the lower sector of the conscious.

In contrast to this there are deformations that are those that will help you to eliminate ...

The Genu Varum , also called crooked legs or vara tibia , is the curvature towards the outside of the legs in relation to the thigh, giving the impression of an arch.

This condition is considered normal in children under the age of 3, but in older children, if it is not treated properly, it can cause physical deformation due to bone growth.

This problem, which generates a curvature in the shape of an "O" letter, occurs when the person is standing, the knees are separated and only the ankles touch.

I l Genu valgum , also called " knees X " is the name given to bend inward leg.

This is a condition in which the knees touch and the ankles separate when the legs are straightened.

You can also suffer from the disease known as false curvature.

This distortion appears as a very visible curvature and is caused by a bad distribution of muscle tissue.

As discussed above, these physical problems can have a significant impact on our relationship with society due to the shame and low esteem they can cause.

It is nothing new, this deformation like any other deformation class, influences our daily life , both physically and socially.

But beyond the social impact, these problems can cause complications in our body , because they increase the tension between the bones and leg joints. In the long term (or not so much) they can cause spinal deviations, locomotion problems, flat feet, osteoarthritis and gonarthrosis.

The Problem of Surgical Interventions

Nowadays medicine, with the great advances in technology, is able to solve some of the problems we are talking about through surgery, it is also able to solve any aesthetic defect of a person. But there are two major problems with these surgeries ...

The first big drawback is that these surgical procedures are really difficult and dangerous , because they work on the skeletal system, muscles and joints and are potentially capable of generating irreparable damage to the legs.

In pure substance, the surgery to remedy these deformations tries to break the legs , and then make them heal and weld in the new angle sought by the surgeon. As you can imagine, any kind of fracture in the body generates subsequent problemssuch as bone pain and deformation.

However, in addition to this, it generates a weakening of the bones because their normal growth is affected. Indeed, there are many cases in which people who have undergone an operation have become disabled for a long period of time, and in some cases for life! When it is necessary to use implants there is a risk that the body will reject it. . Believe it or not, this is absolutely normal.

Something minor in relation to what is listed above, but which must be taken into consideration, are the scars that remain after the operation and can be horrible!

But, undoubtedly the main aspect that tends to drive people away from this option is its high cost and the long rehabilitation times needed.

The cost of an operation of this class tends to vary between 25,000 and 50,000 euros!

To make the rehabilitation process effective, we are forced to stay at least 3 months in bed with metal structures in the legs and then it will be necessary to spend other long months doing a slow rehabilitation ...

All this is something that can bring other complications, both at work and family level.

It is obvious that complications arising from any surgical procedure should also be addressed. Problems like infections, recovery problems after anesthesia and many other aspects to evaluate.

All this effort for an uncertain result , because no specialist can assure the success of the interventions with certainty.

With the method that I will show you you will not be subject to any danger related to surgery, you will not have contact with dangerous drugs or risky side effects.

Who Am I and Why Can I Help You?

My name is Vanesa Rivera and it is not by chance that I have devoted my whole life to the study of the problems deriving from the curvature of the legs. I am currently an osteopathic doctor and I specialized in the study of the lower limbs.

I was born with the pathology Genu Varum at the level of the legs like many other girls and boys, but in my case it did not improve with the passing of the years as happens with the majority.

From an early age I was subjected to jokes, nicknames and comments from my schoolmates and also from my friends.

Upon entering early adolescence my parents began to suspect that there was something strange with my body development.

I dressed in a strange way, I started not wanting to hang out with my friends, to reject invitations to social gatherings, on holidays I didn't want to go to places with beaches or pools. It was obvious that I had a lot of trouble showing my body!

It was the moment when I told them how I suffered from my arched legs.

Without hesitation they consulted all the specialists who could identify and began a long pilgrimage among different medical clinics. I tried using special insoles in my shoes, food supplements, doing all kinds of x-rays, MRIs and tomographs.

After hundreds of studies the results in all cases proved trivial. They recommended an expensive surgery with the placement of implants in the knees, a complex operation with very long rehabilitation times and which also required the placement of external devices (orthoses) to fix the new position of the legs.

But the doctors couldn't assure us that the results were the ones we expected! My parents and I categorically refused to start an extremely expensive, risky and invasive, painful treatment with results from the uninsured.

From that moment I listened to many medical opinions, some professionals advised me to "get used"to the deviation of my lower limbs since many people lived with the same illness. I could not understand how I could "get used" to being observed as a phenomenon, how I should get used to hiding myself, believing that this was absolutely "normal".

After a couple of years I started my medical studies, of course this was not a coincidence, I always felt an inner strength that pushed me to look for a solution to this situation.

As I continued to progress in my studio I made the decision to investigate my problem, as I was certain there was some care that could improve the appearance and functionality of my legs. And I wouldn't have surrendered until I found it!

The Effective and Proven Solution

While continuing with my research I was fortunate enough to finish my specialization as an osteopath and began an internship at the chair of pathologies with bone participation.

Thanks to this opportunity I met teachers and specialists of incredible quality with whom I was able to discuss my research.

In one of these meetings, the excellent Dr. Santiago Moreau, with his unusual point of view, opened my eyes with a great revelation ... he began by saying that at the moment an unbridled trend towards technological advances and the avant-garde of surgical techniques, means that many natural possibilities are kept apart and in many cases by a purely commercial factor (for doctors and healthcare companies) it is preferred to perform a complex operation that will offer them a lot of money , instead of using a simple system it's natural.

Having said this, he went on to say that in many verified cases, the human body has the capacity to transform itself, to change and to adapt to new situations.

He commented on some cases, such as the new shapethat the feet of the Japanese "geisha" take when they are subjected to certain treatments with tapes that progressively compress them or the systems that the women of the Padaungen tribe in Burma use to stretch their necks by many centimeters, putting around rings that are slowly increasing the length of the neck itself.

This prestigious doctor told me, "it is a known fact that the human body has the ability to adapt and this is the reason why, if one finds the correct way to work, it is possible to generate improvements without the need for surgical operations".

I will always remember this conversation. For me it was a clearing moment, as I realized where I should focus my research.

I got Straight and Beautiful Legs!

I spent the following 3 years working with my specialists in physical and postural activity who wanted to help me. I proposed to find the right combination of exercises and movements that generated improvements in the legs.

I decided to expand the research a bit and started working on other people who had leg problems (problems of all sorts and different levels of involvement).

Over the years I tried combinations of movement and exercise and gradually analyzed the results obtained in each case.

It was not easy , it took a long period of tests that allowed me to identify which exercises were appropriate for my problem and for the problem of each person treated during my research.

Many cases have proven to be really complicated, much more complicated than mine, but as I discovered what the correct movements were, I began to notice improvements in my legs and also in those of my patients.

After a short time I found the correct sequence of exercises and my legs became completely straight and beautiful!

90% of the people who were helping me got excellent results themselves!

But I needed to be sure of what I had discovered and to be able to verify good results on more people. For this reason I shared the discovery with my family, my friends and the people I met and met during my investigations.

I wanted to share the findings with people who had lived with leg problems all their lives, in order to confirm that my system worked in all cases.

The results were surprising, 92% of the people who used my system straightened their legs completely in no time. And the remaining 8% achieved a great improvement in relation to their situation.

So in those moments I had a great idea. If this was useful for me and for the people with whom I shared my results, this could also be useful for many other people.

Driven by the advice and encouragement of my family, friends and people who had already managed to straighten their legs, I decided to write a step by step guide to explain in simple and clear language, without the need to have medical knowledge, such as straightening the legs using a safe, economical and natural system.

In just six months my work was ready and in another six months it became a publishing success that fortunately allows and continues to allow more than 5,000 readers to live much better.

How much time do you plan to continue living like this?

  • Feeling ashamed and hiding your body from the looks, comments and provocations of others.
  • Rejecting social gatherings that could be a lot of fun.
  • Feeling excluded, without being able to be integrated into the group of "normal" people.
  • Feeling fear, for the possible complications that this problem will bring to your body in the near future.
  • Wrapped in sadness and depression.

You don't deserve this ...

Particularly when you are one step away from accessing a natural system, truly effective and without contraindications, to say goodbye to the curvature of your legs .

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I will show you how to use everything I have learned over the years in a combined system, explained step by step, with which it is possible to correct the position of the legs in a few weeks.

This system has been tested on people of all ages and with different physical structures and social strata, with different types of nutrition and different levels of physical activity . The system has succeeded perfectly in all of them.

It was developed to achieve the goal very quickly , because as you certainly know, the longer the waiting time, the harder it will be to correct this defect that bothers you.


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Vanesa, I thank you for the personal support you gave me and all the doubts you were able to answer.
I will be forever grateful ... "

Franco D. ( Verona, Italy )

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"... Good morning Vanesa. Separated feet and knees together ... my legs were a real disaster that ashamed me all the time. As a girl I dreamed of being a model!
I recommended some surgical operations that could have improved a little "My situation, but I didn't want to know anything about it, because they were very risky, they didn't assure me the results, and they were very far from my economic potential.
A work colleague advised me on the web page address.
I decided to take the opportunity and order the guide. In just six weeks I noticed that my legs were different, firmer, healthier and with a visibly better posture.
Believe it or not, I'm now taking a course to become a modeler, not to dream anymore and really start to realize my dream like I've always wanted.
All this I owe to you and to your incredible method! ... "

Jessica (Rome, Italy)

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Vanesa Ma is Surprising ...

How does the system work?

I know you are tired of looking for solutions and being continually disappointed. This is the reason why I would first like to make it clear that this program is NOT a very expensive magic treatment that cannot solve the problem of bent legs, but this is a completely natural system, without contraindications or side effects, 100% effective and with effective and lasting results.

My system is NOT simply a series of exercises. My method has a multidisciplinary approach, based on some simple instructions and rules for performing movements and exercises that any person without training experience can follow.

    My Program Is Based On The Following Principles:

  • An integral plan of attack, with a holistic approach to improve muscle and bone condition. This in addition will improve the quality of your life.
  • A simple physical activity plan that requires only a few minutes a day, only 10 or 15 and these are not intense exercises.
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  • Only real information! With which you will get real results, leaving aside any myth and false promises.
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"Today, two months later, I am starting to use clothes with which I can show my legs."
"... My life has changed 100%. If I had to go to the beach, I always covered myself with a pareo.
If I was in a meeting, I always tried to keep myself sitting and what to say about the days when I didn't even want to look at
myself in the mirror ... My problem with my legs had become unbearable. Surgery? Never!
Who would have thought that the solution would come from the Internet one day? I never trusted the products that are on the internet, but one day looking for a solution to my problem, I found myself on this web page, and the proposal for a natural treatment seemed very interesting to me.
I followed step by step all the directions of Vanesa Rivera and today, after two months, I am starting to use clothes with which I can exhibit my legs without feeling embarrassed.
Who would have thought ... "

Marta F. (Rome, Italy)

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"... I would like to publicly apologize for being so stubborn.
I never believed in anything of what is published on the Internet until I put it into practice (with true devotion) the guide" How to Straighten Saddle "Vanesa Rivera.
You It was my sister's advice to let me know about it. My sister had always known about my physical and psychological problem related to my legs visibly bent in.
In only 8 weeks my image had changed radically. Today I feel much better and safer with my body in general and with my legs in particular.
For Mrs. Rivera I have only words of gratitude ... ".

Ramon P. (Milan, Italy)

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We consulted various specialists and the only possible solution, according to them, was a very expensive surgery with serious risks.
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in the end we found a non-invasive method to solve the problem that had besieged for nearly her entire life.
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Jack B. y Iris M. (Florence, Italy)

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She didn't want to know anything about short dresses for her party. her crooked legs.
My husband and I decided to surprise her. We knew about this guide for some friends we met. We bought it and gave it to her.
Lucia followed Vanesa's suggestions and in just 7 weeks even her mood seemed to be changed.
Her birthday is a month away and she decided to surprise herself to choose a short skirt dress! ... ".

Sofia R. and daughter (Venice, Italy)

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But Vanesa ...

Will this system work for me?

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Be careful!

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My parents helped me a lot. They absolutely refused to perform surgery , but they investigated and found Vanesa Rivera's guidance. For me it was a surprise, finding myself in front of such a clear job with simple and precise instructions,
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Furthermore, most people cannot bear the costs of such operations and at this stage it is already known that long-term success is not guaranteed. All of this, combined with the fact that you will always be exposed to the complications that any surgery can have , without mentioning the subsequent visits that will be necessary to do checks and a long period of rehabilitation.

Taking these amounts into account ...

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For Your Happiness,

Osteopath Specialist in Lower Arts.
Author of "How to Straighten the Legs"
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Note: "How to Straighten the Legs" is an electronic book that can be downloaded online. No, we will deliver any physical product. Once you have downloaded the manual you will immediately have access to download the book on your computer along with the bonus gifts. The book is in .pdf format Adobe Acrobat for Mac or PC.

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